Real Estate Development

Providing real estate development service in a unique and innovative way

IT solutions

Solutions for all establishments and emerging projects

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Real estate Development

Executing our development projects with high efficiency, and quality with modern construction techniques and conforming to the Saudi code in all regions of the Kingdom and abroad.

Cement products

Where the company is characterized by the sale and marketing of cement and primary building materials.

Transportation and logistics

Our logistical services are characterized by the transportation of cement and raw materials for construction (gravel and washed sand) in all regions of the Kingdom, through a fleet of land transport.

Communication and Information Technology

Our services are distinguished by providing digital solutions, smart platforms, technical support, specialized communications and information technology solutions, and enabling and supporting companies in digital transformation.

About us

Msandh Alemdad Co. Ltd.

Msandh Alemdad Co. Ltd. was established on (03/11/2018) corresponding to (06/23/1439 AH) as a limited liability company,wholly owned by Al Kathiri Holding Company, The company’s headquarter is in Riyadh city.

Our mission

Providing the highest levels of contracting, transportation and information technology services to contribute to community service through optimal use of available human skills and the provision of trained cadres.

Our Vision

We aspire to become one of the leading companies in the Information and communication technologies, logistics and contracting sectors, and to provide our services with the highest levels of quality and efficiency to gain customer confidence and satisfaction.

Financial Statements


Financial Statements 2020 Msandh


Financial Statements 2021 - Msandh


Financial Statements - Msandh 2022


Financial Statements - Msandh 2023

Company strategy

  • Providing the best logistics solutions to meet the needs of individuals and companies in accordance with the highest quality standards.
  • Providing high-quality building, construction and restoration services for residential, non-residential and prefabricated buildings using the latest construction technologies and the best equipment.
  • Providing distinguished customer service aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction and strengthening and strengthening their relationship with the company, through adherence to professional standards and quality rules.
  • Full compliance with health and safety standards and the best environmental sustainability strategies using environmentally friendly materials and construction methods.
  • Expansion and increase the diversity of businesses and projects to raise the company’s revenues and profits and contribute to the economic development of the Kingdom.
  • Investing in the human element and raising the professional competence of the employees and workers in the company.

Company objectives

  • Increasing the volume of investments in the housing and real estate development sector in cooperation with the private and government sectors.
  • Building a successful strategic partnership with the best real estate investors and developers in the Kingdom.
    Keeping pace with the global market and competing with the local market by providing a group of experts and engineers with experience in the contracting sector.
  • Continuous marketing of the company’s services through the implementation of projects of the highest quality.
  • Targeting, developing and maintaining the best human competencies.
  • Building a relationship based on credibility, integrity and mutual trust with customers.

Our Customers

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نتعاون مع موردينا وموزعينا وعملائنا لإنشاء وإدارة وصيانة حلول الاتصالات و تقنية المعلومات

إنترنت الأشياء

نسعى دائما إلى الريادة وإحداث تغيير مؤثر في الصناعة، وبالتالي ساهمنا في أحدث اتجاهات التكنولوجيا في جميع أنحاء العالم

حلول الاتصالات

حلول الهاتف عبر الانترنت و العمل عن بعد بالاضافة إلى حلول مراكز الاتصال الموحدة و إدارة تحويلات موظفي الشركات و الربط بين الفروع

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نقدم الدعم الكامل في تأسيس استراتيجة تقنية المعلومات لمنشأتك، نتكفل بالتخطيط والتنفيذ والتشغيل وكذلك تقديم الصيانة طويلة المدى.

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